Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Please Don't See "Evan Almighty"

This is a repost of a friends bulletin from a peer community site:
Please don't see the new Steve Carell film, "Evan Almighty." The film made use of hundreds of exotic animals, including great apes, to produce “the most expensive comedy ever made.” The film’s animal supplier, Birds & Animals Unlimited, has been issued four official warnings by the USDA for chronic failure to comply with veterinary care requirements, failure to provide shelter from heat and sunlight, and failure to maintain enclosures to prevent escape. A few years ago, a child actor filed a lawsuit against Birds & Animals when he was bitten in the face by a chimpanzee.

Additionally, a chimpanzee named Cody who was used in the film was recently surrendered in settlement of a civil lawsuit alleging cruelty to animals. A primatologist who worked for Cody’s trainer for a year testified that the chimpanzees in his care were beaten regularly for training purposes.

It's no longer necessary to use living animals in films now that CGI technology is available... please boycott inherently cruel films such as Evan Almighty.

If you are interested in learning more about the reality faced by chimpanzees exploited in the entertainment industry please visit:

Thank you for standing up for those that can not speak for themselves!

Publicly Funded Elections

If you would like to read the testimony on S. 1285, the "Fair Elections Now Act," to reform the finance of Senate elections and on the high cost of broadcasting campaign advertisements go to:

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Publicly Funded Elections, Public Airwaves

A couple of issues that have come up today include public funding of elections and the public airwaves in regards to the internet.

There are some bills currently in congress associated with the public funding of elections. To find out more and what you can do to help reduce the influence of big money special interests on our political process go to:

The FCC is in the process of deciding how to parcel out chunks of the public airwaves for use with wireless internet. The fear is that large corporations who have invested in physical transmission lines will purchase the airwaves at auction and not allow them to be used. To find out more and how you can help go to: